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Help & Other Resources

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Customer Information includes a step-by-step guide to registration, information on charges, how to change your account details, what to do if you forget your password, an explanation of how the credits system works, how to order extracts, information on the payment process and assistance with viewing and printing images.

Find out more about embarking on family history research in Scotland in our Getting Started guide.

To assist you in the searching process, Help With Searching includes information about the free surname search, how surname and forename variations and illegitimacy can affect the success of your search, how to employ soundex or wildcards in a search and how to refine your searches in the statutory records.

Look at Extant OPRs to discover when a particular parish register existed and the covering dates for births & baptisms, banns & marriages and deaths & burials in each parish.

Look at Extant CPRs to find out when a particular Catholic parish register existed.

Find out more About The Courts and the part they play in your research of wills & testaments.

Pinpoint locations of searches using the List of Parishes & Registration Districts, Counties Map and Courts Map. Understand the relationship between Scotland's counties and the courts using the Counties and Commissariots List and the Counties and Sheriff Courts List and use the Parish Descriptions of the Statistical Accounts to enhance your knowledge of individual parishes.

Once you have viewed some index results, Help With Results will assist you in deciding where to go next and what to do if your search has been unsuccessful.

Technical Information offers advice on system requirements, browser compatibility, viewing & printing images and has a troubleshooting section dealing with technical problems.

Look at Research Tools if you require assistance with deciphering handwriting in documents, or have difficulty understanding unfamiliar occupations, medical terms, unusual words or abbreviations used in the wills & testaments index.

Other Resources offers links to other useful genealogical resources.

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