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User Group

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) and DC Thomson Family History are committed to improving the service provided by ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk and to respond to constructive points made by our customers.

Accordingly, a Future Development User Group (User Group) was set up by ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk in November 2002.

The terms of reference for the User Group, with contact details, are set out below, in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the aims of the group.


To assist NRS and brightsolid in the future development and improvement of the ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk website and service by offering constructive advice on potential improvements that may be made to the website and the service that is provided to the website's customers. NRS and DC Thomson Family History will take into account the User Group's advice when proposing future enhancements to the website and service. Members may also serve as beta testers for new developments on the site.

Chair & Membership
NRS will chair the User Group and will provide the secretariat. DC Thomson Family History will be represented by one permanent member who may vary from meeting to meeting.

Both NRS and DC Thomson Family History may bring additional staff to provide advice on specific topics as required. Up to eight other members will be recruited from the user population, genealogy and family history organisations and from registered overseas users of the website.

There is no strict set number from any of these categories and attendances are likely to vary.

Appointed members can also stand down at any time but it would be in the best interests of the group that as much notice as possible be given in these cases. The same applies should an appointed member be forced to miss a meeting.

Reasonable travelling expenses for UK members will be paid.

Frequency of meetings
The first meeting of the User Group will be in January 2003. The User Group will aim to meet four times each calendar year. The location of meetings will be decided at the first meeting of the User Group and the location of this inaugural meeting will be relayed to appointed members once membership has been decided. Overseas members of the User Group will be able to contribute electronically.

Reporting arrangements
All agenda, reports of meetings and papers considered by the User Group will be made available on a specific Future Development User Group page on ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk

First User Group Meeting Minutes.
Second User Group Meeting Minutes.
Third User Group Meeting Minutes.
Fourth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Fifth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Sixth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Seventh User Group Meeting Minutes.
Eighth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Ninth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Tenth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Eleventh User Group Meeting Minutes.
Twelfth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Thirteenth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Fourteenth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Fifteenth User Group Meeting Minutes.
Sixteenth User Group Meeting Minutes.

Seventeenth User Group Meeting Minutes.

Queries regarding the Site should be made via the normal Contact Us form, however, if you have any queries specifically for the User Group, please contact them via email.

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