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Easy reporting of transcription and image issues

If you would like to tell us about a problem with an image or an image transcription, you may do so using the new form which is available whilst viewing the image.

When viewing an image, a comment on the transcription or image quality may be reported directly to the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

When viewing an image, click on ‘If you would like to send us a comment about the quality or the transcription of this image, click here’. Details of the proposed correction can be typed into the form.

Please note that you must select an issue from the list.  If you are viewing a previously viewed image you will not be able to amend a transcription – to do this you must view the image via ‘Previous Searches’.

Please note that accepting a suggested change is at the discretion of NRS. If the details on the image are considered legible we do not subject the original registers to the additional strain of handling or placing on the scanner, which can potentially damage the books. When a decision is made not to re-scan a page, the NRS Customer Care Team will send a scanned copy of the image from their in-house system to the customer, and can also assist with any word where customer may have difficulty.

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Error reporting:
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